Brief list of FAQs

What is Binbin?

BinBin is a trash valet service. We take your garbage/recycle bins from storage to curbside, and after the city empties those bins, we bring them back to storage.

Why should I use Binbin?

Binbin is here to help. Nobody likes to take out the garbage. Especially in the rain, or -10 degree winter weather. And let’s not talk about those pesky racoons. Or you may just forget. We have you covered!

Does BinBin have insurance?

Yes. Users of Binbin are absolutely NOT responsible for any injury suffered while servicing the property.

Can I cancel my service at anytime?

Absolutely! You can cancel at anytime with no extra charge.

Do BinBin service providers work in rain and snow?

Of course. Rain, snow, wind, cold, it doesn’t matter. We got this!

Is BinBin Canadian owned?

We are proudly Canadian.